WATCH: Senate Chaplain Barry Black Condemns Politically Motivated Harassment, Calls for Greater Civility in Country

Instances of politically motivated harassment and bullying are dominating headlines these days, causing many to ask – are we losing civility in our country?

Senate Chaplain Barry Black thinks, sadly, we are.

“When, because of political differences, people can’t with their families enjoy the freedoms that this nation provides, we’ve got a serious problem,” says Black.

For 15 years, Chaplain Black has ministered to senators and their staff from his office in the Capitol. Now he tells CBN News he’s concerned with what’s happening today.

“A lot of incivility has to do with arrogance, swagger, trash talking,” continues Black. “I think it’s critically important that we lower the decibels.”

Quoting Proverbs 15:1, he notes, “A soft answer turns away anger.”

Watch Black’s biblical answer to the problem of incivility facing our nation.