Study Finds Conservatives Report Having Greater Purpose in Life Compared to Liberals

Conservatives report having a greater meaning in their lives when compared to liberals, according to findings from five studies.

David Newman of the University of Southern California authored the study and said he had an interest in older research that found conservatives expressed being more satisfied with their lives, which motivated him to carry out his own research, PsyPost reports.

Newman said that he wants to create a greater distinction between the different types of well-being people experience. He and his colleagues pored through five different sets of data to obtain the information they needed.

They based their findings on responses people had to a European Values Survey, how Americans answered a Baylor Institute of Religion Survey, the statistics that emerged from a study which focused on happiness, purpose in life and stress, an online survey they themselves conducted and finally, a daily diary study involving undergraduate students.

After going through all the data that was available to them, Newman and his colleagues discovered that conservatives featured a greater tendency to report having a greater meaning in their lives when compared to individuals who follow liberal ideals. That is the case across all five data sets examined.

The data used for the studies range in age. Some data were obtained from as far back as the 1980s, while other statistics were obtained as recently as last year.

Newman described the link between following a conservative ideology and expressing a greater life purpose as “small but robust.”

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Source: Christian Post