Paula White Speaks in Support of Stronger Border Laws; Says There’s a Difference Between Jesus as a Refugee and Illegal Immigrants

Amid the hysteria surrounding the separation of immigrant families who recently entered the United States illegally, one of President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisers, Paula White, is speaking out in support of stronger border laws and explains the difference between Jesus as a refugee and those who break immigration laws.

White recently visited the Youth for Tomorrow facility in Bristow, Virginia, a foster facility that is taking care of several unaccompanied immigrant children who were trafficked into the U.S. from countries like and Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

After visiting the center, White told CBN News in an interview published Monday that what is being portrayed in the media about the situation is misleading and warned that some people are taking the Bible “out of context” on this issue.

The Florida-based pastor said that the “center was amazing” and “beyond phenomenal.”

“They care for the children,” White, the senior pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, said. “Not just three square meals, psychiatric care, clinician, medical care, chapel, events, schooling, language, and love.”

She said that each child is given an assessment when they arrive, which includes medical and debt evaluation.

White explained that she learned while visiting the center just how many unaccompanied children are in debt to human traffickers who brought them illegally into the U.S.

White said that at the center she visited, “all of the children” faced some sort of debt totaling between $3,000 to as much as $10,000 “because they have been smuggled.”

She also said there are cases in which parents had mortgaged their homes or put their land up to pay for their child’s trafficking.

“These were unaccompanied minors,” she was quoted as saying. “If we are going to be compassionate. We have to have stricter border security and laws.”

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Source: Christian Post