New Complaint Against Former Megachurch Pastor Dean Curry Alleges Multiple Instances of Sexual Misconduct

A former board member of the multi-campus Life Center Assembly of God church in Tacoma, Washington, has filed a formal complaint with federal and state agencies alleging that Dean Curry, who was recently dismissed as the church’s pastor, previously engaged in multiple instances of sexual misconduct involving church members and employees.

Julee Dilley, who was elected to the Life Center Board in 2014 but left the church in 2016 over the way the church handled the investigation into those allegations, recently filed complaints to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the state Human Rights Commission, according to The News Tribune.

“This is a situation I never wanted to be in or thought I would be in,” Dilley said in an interview with The News Tribune. “I’m just a stay-at-home mom who wants to serve my church. This is about the welfare of the church.

“I see it as a move toward accountability. I’m seeking no gain — absolutely no gain. I love the church. I’m concerned about the welfare of the church. These are moral issues that have been long-standing and consistent.”

Dilley explained that she is a witness in the complaints filed against Curry, which represent separate cases from the allegations which led to his recent dismissal.

Curry, who has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, was removed as leader of the Life Center Assembly of God Church earlier this month due to accusations of physical misconduct with a former church employee. Leaders at the Assemblies of God’s Northwest District Council said his dismissal was based on the “testimony of two or more witnesses.”

The formal complaint file with state and federal agencies against Curry highlights three incidents involving three women, according to The News Tribune: An ongoing relationship with a married church member that turned physical; an incident involving another married church member being visited by Curry late at night, discovered by the woman’s husband; and a female administrative employee who spoke of uncomfortable conversations with Curry that included comments on her appearance and discussions of his intimate relations with his wife.

Reacting to news of the complaints Monday, the Life Center described Dilley as a dissatisfied former member in a statement to The News Tribune.

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Source: Christian Post