Greg Laurie Says God Documents Actions of Every Human Through the ‘Books in Heaven’

California evangelist and megachurch pastor Greg Laurie said during his sermon on Sunday that God uses the “books in Heaven” to keep records and tallies of every action — good and bad — committed by all human beings throughout history.

Laurie, the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, continued with his sermon series focusing on the “end of days.” After focusing last week on “Angels in the Life of the Believer,” the title of this past weekend’s sermon was “God, the Future and You.”

As the sermon touched on the prophetic similarities between the Old Testament book of Daniel and the New Testament book of Revelation, Laurie assured the audience that Bible prophecy should not be treated by Christians as an “academic exercise” or a “hobby horse” because biblical prophecy has real consequence.

“As we realize these things are true, it should concern us because we know people that are not Christians, right?” the 65-year-old pastor asked. “We don’t want them to face a certain judgment. We want them to join us in Heaven. So it alarms us but it shall also cause us to be concerned about own life and how we are living our life. This all reminds us that life is short and we will have to give an account one day to God and we too will be judged.”

Laurie cited the prophecy of Daniel 7:10 to show that when people are faced with the impending judgment of the Lord, there is mention of books that are opened in Heaven.

“This is also mentioned in the book of Revelation — Revelation 20:12, where we read: ‘I saw the dead small and great standing before the throne. The books were open and another book is open, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to the things written in the books,'” Laurie quoted.

He continued by explaining the books that the Bible speaks of.

“Well, they appear to contain documentation of everything ever done by anyone on Earth,” Laurie said. “Now, you know that all of your data is stored, right? Here is the good news about heavenly data: It can’t be hacked. It is safe but it is there. God keeps track of everything.”

Although the Bible speaks of “books in Heaven,” Laurie said he didn’t know if they are literally physical books.

“Maybe there are. But there is records in Heaven for sure,” he stated.

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Source: Christian Post