Fay Voshell: The Alien Cult Invading American Institutions

Released in 1979, the film Alien became a sci-fi cult classic. Among other things, the tale concerns the persistence and regeneration of alien evil. No matter how hard anyone tries to destroy the malevolent life form, it comes back to new life, even when thought once exterminated or controlled, bursting from the human being to create a pathology of death over and over again.

At least twice America has been the victim of political ideologies alien to her true nature—ideologies that have fastened themselves onto the body politic only to give birth to evil after sickening and attempting to kill the host. Both times the dogma of the ideologies decreed the status of the human being was far less than that of the Judeo/Christian concept of human beings as made in the image of God, created with intrinsic worth no other human could diminish without dread consequences.

The first was the systemic evil of chattel slavery. In nineteenth century England, the United states as well as czarist Russia, long, hard battles were fought in order societies recognize human beings are created by God and have equal rights before the law. The smoke from those battlefields lingered throughout the 20th century and is still in the air.

But since those wars over human worth and status were fought, another and perhaps worse ideology based on a reductionist view of mankind has gained currency among America’s major institutions, including her churches.

A mere generation or two ago, who would have thought the anarchical sexual revolution born in the sixties would be so successful in diminishing the Christian consensus that once was foundational to most of America’s institutions? Who would have thought a religious/political cult advocating and facilitating through legislation and court decisions the murder of fifty million unborn children, the unheard of and ahistorical idea of marriage between two people of the same sex, the approval of renting wombs and buying babies; and most recently, the enabling of the sterilization and mutilation of children would be mainstreamed in America’s courts, legislatures, educational institutions and even her churches?

LGBT ideology, now led by the radically extreme transgender movement, is rapidly fastening itself on the face of America and is giving birth to alien forms that are sapping the life blood of America’s institutions.

One reason transgender dogma is not recognized as a danger is that it is presented in secular, rather than religious terms. Like an alien and parasitic life form, it fastened itself onto the civil rights revolution, employing a radicalized concept of self-determination as a doctrinal cornerstone. The central idea is that any human being has the right to and can by an act of will change his or her identity. Human will can triumph over material embodiment. We are told that even mere children have the perspicacity to determine their gender and can make decisions to alter their bodies into a facsimile of the sex opposite to that they were born.

Today’s most extreme variant of the sexual revolution is a secularized version of an ancient Gnostic belief that sees the body as mere matter, a body over which the human spirit (will) has complete ascendency.

Orthodox Christianity has seen cults influenced by Gnosticism many times. One of the most famous was Catharism, which contrasted the “good” God of the New testament as the creator of the spiritual realm to the “evil” Old Testament God (Satan), who created all visible matter, including the human body. Matter, being created by evil, is therefore inherently tainted. Human souls are genderless spirits that are angels trapped within an evil body. One can free one’s self from the body only by extreme measures.

When transgender ideology fastens itself onto the body of the Church, it completely destroys the orthodox Christian doctrine that God created all things visible and invisible and pronounced creation as very good; that creation was perfect but became fallen; that man though fallen, is redeemable through the intervention of Christ; and that the resurrected human will still be recognizably and eternally human. Trangenderism destroys the core Christian belief that Jesus is God become truly man, thus striking at the concept of the Trinity. The Christian idea that man is saved body and soul is destroyed as salvation takes on a completely different meaning, becoming salvation by repudiation of the flesh, allowing only spirit to prevail.

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Source: Christian Post