7 Reactions From Christian Leaders to Trump’s Nominee Brett Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanuagh to the United States Supreme Court on Monday evening has drawn near universal praise from prominent Christian leaders in America.

Megachurch pastors, from Greg Laurie to Jack Graham, and the leaders of some of the biggest conservative groups hailed Kavanaugh’s credentials, and said that citizens can trust him to defend their rights and liberties.

They urged the U.S. Senate not to delay confirming the nomination, and pushed back against Democrats who’ve vowed to oppose the nomination even before Kavanaugh was announced.

Christian leaders also urged fellow Americans to pray for Kavanaugh and his family as he looks to fill the all-important Supreme Court vacancy left behind by the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Here are seven reactions from some of the biggest Christian leaders and conservative groups in America:

1. Pastor Jack Graham

Megachurch pastors, such as Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, said that Trump made a great selection in Kavanaugh.

“My sincere congratulations to Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his nomination to the Supreme Court. I’m thankful we have a president who has time and again remained true to his word. Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is another checkmark in a long list of promises President Trump has kept,” Graham said in a statement.

“As is our practice as Christians, we promise to pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his family and all the other justices,” the pastor added.

“My prayer is that our next justice may not only be in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia but also in the mold of a man of God: someone who acts justly, loves mercy and walks humbly with the Lord (Micah 1:8).”

2. Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, congratulated Kavanaugh “on this monumentally important nomination.”

“Those on the progressive, socialist left are of course already enraged. Another conservative justice threatens their agendas and the direction they were trying to push this country,” said Graham, who in the past has spoken out against abortion and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The evangelist, who in nation-wide rallies has said that neither Republicans nor Democrats can fix America, which he said is something only God can do, slammed those who had been protesting Trump’s pick even before the announcement was made.

“We need to thank God for this long awaited opportunity to change the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court,” Graham stated on Facebook.

“And we need to be faithful to pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his family during the very intense confirmation process.”

3. Pastor Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie, senior pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine, California, said that millions of Christians will be praying for Kavanaugh, trusting in the judicial system “to protect the rights and liberties of all Americans.”

“Among the many things I love about America is our trust in God, and our separation of political power. These two values place our most powerful leaders in a position of accountability to God Himself in Heaven and to one another on Earth,” the evangelist said.

“Throughout our nation’s history, our Supreme Court has, again and again, been consequential in protecting our liberties from those who have either misunderstood or misused liberty,” he added.

“It has helped us form a more perfect union and, as a religious leader, I’m grateful it has often protected the rights of conscience of tens-of-millions of Americans, like myself.”

Laurie called on God to “grant Judge Kavanaugh His wisdom to continue this proud legacy of defending our unalienable rights, and may God give him favor for a speedy and fair confirmation.”

4. The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, was also thrilled with Trump’s nomination, as he explained in a statement.

“I join millions of Americans in congratulating Judge Kavanaugh for his nomination, a well-respected jurist widely regarded for his intellect, temperament, as well as for his dedication to the Constitution,” he said.

“While certainly conservative, Judge Kavanaugh is well within the mainstream of American legal thought and theory.”

Rodriguez, who is one of the top leading voices for Hispanic Christians in America, called on the Senate “to not unnecessarily delay or obstruct, but as polling demonstrates the majority of Americans want, to move ahead with a timely and honest confirmation process.”

“I pray for our country in this process, that instead of yet another vitriolic and divisive political battle, the confirmation process would instead be a reaffirmation of the strength of our democracy and its institutions,” he said.

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Source: Christian Post