Christian Reactions to the Filipino President’s Offer to Resign if Anyone Can Prove God Exists

The Filipino president’s offer to resign if anyone can prove the God of the Bible exists has drawn reactions from Christians across the globe.

Dan Santiago, president of the Filipino Southern Baptist Fellowship of North America, said Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte lacks “solid biblical knowledge of the Judeo-Christian God.” Meanwhile, Filipino Catholic leaders — who have feuded publicly with Duterte — called today (July 9) for “God’s mercy and justice” on blasphemers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Duterte’s latest remarks about God came July 6 at the opening of a science and technology event in Davao City, Philippines, where he noted he does believe in a supreme being, but not the biblical God. Since taking office two years ago, Duterte has drawn criticism for his crass public comments and his war on crime, which human rights groups say has included the executions of thousands by police without due process.

“If there is any one of you … who say you’d been to heaven, talked to God, saw Him personally, and that He exists, the God [that] is yours, and if he does, it’s true, I will step down [from] the presidency,” Duterte said according to The Independent.

The Filipino president challenged even “one witness” to come forward with a “selfie” with the Christian God or other evidence of His existence.

“You do that today, one single witness, that there is a guy, a human being [who] was able to talk and to see God,” Duterte said. “Of the so many billions, I just need one. And if there is one, ladies and gentlemen, I will announce my resignation immediately.”

Santiago, pastor of Covenant Christian Church in Jacksonville, Fla., told Baptist Press Duterte “obviously … does not have a solid biblical knowledge of the Judeo-Christian God” and “relies on his personal understanding of who God is. Largely, his comments are aimed at the Roman Catholic Church in particular due to his bad experiences with them.”

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Source: Baptist Press