President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump to Meet Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle During UK Visit Next Week

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle during the Trump visit to Britain next week, the prime minister’s office confirmed Friday.

Details of the meeting are scarce; the White House has not yet confirmed it. But U.S. Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson confirmed it to Sky News in June.

A sketchy outline of the Trump schedule was released by Ali Donnelly, a deputy spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May.

On Friday, July 13, following a bilateral meeting on foreign policy issues with May at Chequers, the prime minister’s country retreat, POTUS and FLOTUS “will then travel to Windsor Castle to meet The Queen,” the statement said.

Since the meeting is taking place in the afternoon local time, it is likely there will be tea involved.

It’s not a state occasion, complete with trumpets and tiaras and scarlet-clad soldiers marching to and fro; it’s an audience with the British head of state at the 92-year-old monarch’s beloved home where she spends most weekends.

But it’s something, and it’s something Trump wanted, according to Ambassador Johnson:

“Yes, yes, I mean he has to see the head of state,” he told Sky News. “Putting his foot on British soil, it’s job one, it’s very important, very symbolic … Meeting Her Majesty is the most important thing, because she’s the head of state, and from then on, it’ll be what the president wants to do.”

On Friday, during an on-the-record press call to the White House, Johnson called the meeting with the queen “the highlight of any president’s visit to the U.K.”

“As head of state, Her Majesty has met every U.S. president since 1952 (when she became queen) — amazing — with only one exception, that’s Lyndon B. Johnson,” the ambassador told reporters. “So I know the president and the first lady are really looking forward to meeting her.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Maria Puente