Nevada Brothel Owner Says ‘The Trump Train’ is Why Some Christians Support Him

A Nevada brothel owner who won a surprise victory in a Republican primary has attributed his support among some evangelical voters to what he called “the Trump Train.”

Dennis Hof, who owns multiple brothels and stars in an adult reality TV series, defeated Republican state lawmaker and hospital executive James Oscarson in the GOP primary last month.

In a recent interview with Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton of The Hill program “Rising,” Hof attributed his support among certain evangelicals to President Donald Trump’s successful courting of the key Republican voting bloc in 2016.

“It’s the Trump train. It’s the movement,” explained Hof, who noted that while no one thought any women or Christians would vote for Trump in 2016 after his sexist 2005 remarks were made public, tens of millions still did.

“They did the same thing for Hof. Because I can’t be bossed, I can’t be bought.”

When he asked if he thought he could have succeeded before Trump won in 2016, Hof said “absolutely not,” and added that Trump “paved the way” for his state primary victory.

“He paved the way and I am glad he did it, because my goal is to knock out the Republicans in name only. I hate liars, I hate hypocrites, and I hate these paper blade politicians,” said Hof.

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Source: Christian Post