What Is Going on: White Man Caught on Camera Harassing Black Mom for ID and Calling 911 on Her at North Carolina Neighborhood Pool

A black woman is accusing a white man of racism after he demanded that she show identification to him so that she could access a North Carolina neighborhood pool.

The video of the encounter in Winston-Salem on Wednesday was posted on Facebook by Jasmine Edwards, who is a resident and has access to the pool.

‘This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool,’ Edwards said in her Facebook post. ‘This happened to me and my baby today. What a shame!!’

In the video, Edwards says that the man called police because she refused to show an ID to get into the pool.

‘Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use my own pool?’ the woman can be heard asking the man, who stumbles providing an answer.

Edwards informs the police that the man – identified simply as Adam by folks on social media – only came and asked her for identification, while another woman shares that she too has a black child but was not asked to show ID.

The man asserts that he asks residents ‘a couple times a week’ to show their identification.

Edwards continues by explaining that she told the man her address, but he continued to harass her for the ID.

An officer asks what people typically need to get into the pool and is told there is a keycard.

‘Do you have your keycard?’ the cop asks. ‘Would you mind if I see your keycard?’

Edwards explains that the only way she was able to get into the pool was with the key card, adding that she wouldn’t have climbed the fence to get in because she has a baby.

When the woman’s keycard opens the gate, the police officer tells the man that is all she needs to get into the pool.

The police apologize to the woman for wasting the time and for the ‘altercation that occurred.’

The man insists that he still needs a form of ID would have been nice, but the police assert that she is in the right.

Edwards demands an apology from Adam, who has a hard time acknowledging the woman and leaves the pool with his family.

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Source: Daily Mail