What’s Going on in America? Asian Man With a Walker Launches a Racist Rant at a Black Woman on an NYC Bus Because She Did Not Give Up Her Seat for Him; Says ‘Asians Are Better Because They Pay Taxes’


A video of an Asian man with a walker on a New York City bus yelling at a woman of color for not giving up her seat for him was captured and shared by two young women on Sunday.

Chelsea Soriano shared the video with a caption written by her family member, Cris Soriano, describing a racist rant by the man and expressing their amazement at his behavior.

‘On top of yelling at this woman… he started ramming his walker on to this poor woman’s legs,’ the post read.

‘He then told her to get out and go back to her country. Mind you this woman spoke clearer English than he did.’

The man and the woman in the video have not been identified.

Chelsea’s post said that she and her family were riding the Q32 bus into Manhattan, when the ‘old Asian man got on and started hassling the woman sitting down to give up her seat.’

According to the post, the man yelled at the woman and asked her if she could read.

It’s clear in the video that the man is speaking with an angry demeanor and is heard shouting the seated woman of color, often using expletives, but all of his exact words are difficult to make out.

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Source: Daily Mail