There’s a Devil Loose: Road Rage Incident Turns Into Street Brawl in Florida With a Woman Being Dragged From a Car and Pummeled to the Ground

Four women were seen rolling around and throwing punches on the street in Floridaon Monday after a road rage incident turned extremely violent.

In video captured from a nearby car, a woman named Willie Edwards is seen whacking the driver of another vehicle, Erica James, with an asp baton – typically used by police officers and security guards.

Edwards hits quickly and repetitively, as James is seen appearing to try and kick her assailant away.

Rose Alvarez, who is driving the car, is seen getting out of the car about five seconds into the attack to try and separate the women, but a fourth woman, Marquavia Jenkins, stops her.

As Alvarez continues to try and get through, Jenkins appears to push her and the two begin their own brawl.

Eventually, James is able to push her way out of the car and immediately grabs Edwards’ head.

The pair are seen hitting each other before they fall to the ground and a man tries to separate them.

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Source: Daily Mail