Head of Iceland’s Fast-Growing Pagan Religion Zuism Seeks to Build Temple in the Country

Followers of the Zuist religion in Iceland are looking to establish a stronger foothold in the country by erecting a temple which will serve as their place of worship.

Since being founded in 2016, the Zuist society now counts more than 3,000 members in Iceland and its leader hopes to build a temple that will serve as the religion’s holy site.

According to Zuist leader Águst Arnar Ágústsson, the temple, which will be known as the Ziggurat, would server as the staging ground for ceremonies such as name giving and weddings, as well as “beer and prayer,” the Iceland Monitor reported.

The Ziggurat would also be a gathering area where members of the Zuist religion can pray.

Ágústsson already has an idea for what he would like the Ziggurat to look like, saying that it will have two floors and a large staircase that extends from the ground to the second floor.

Ágústsson claimed that the construction of the Ziggurat is necessary due to the rapid growth of the Zuist religion.

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Source: Christian Post