Black Woman Films White Woman Calling Police on Her for Smoking in a Parking Garage at Their Georgia Apartment Complex – Whatever, Whether You’re Black or White It’s Not Wise to Smoke in a Parking Garage

A white woman threatened to have her black neighbor evicted because she was smoking a cigarette in a parking garage at their Georgia apartment.

Stacy Etheridge of Wellington Manor, Georgia, posted a video filmed by her daughter, who was confronted by the woman.

‘Caucasian woman tells my daughter to put her cigarette out and decides to call the police on my daughter for smoking outside in a parking deck,’ she said in the Sunday caption.

‘Police showed up and said it was no harm to others….this calling the cops on Blacks is getting way out of hand. Now you can’t smoke outside. #NewportNancy.’

According to Etheridge, her daughter lives in the complex and had been enjoying a cigarette when the woman came and allegedly told her to put the cigarette out.

The daughter asks the woman: ‘You said I can’t smoke here? You’re gonna have me kicked out? That’s what you said?’

‘They will have you evicted for smoking on the property,’ the white woman retorts back to Etheridge’s daughter. ‘I hope you’re recording it, and I’mma let Jessica and everybody else know in the office.’

The camerawoman asks the perturbed woman if she is ‘racist,’ adding that the woman ‘came out here harassing me for no reason.’

‘For smoking on the property’ the white woman – dubbed #NewportNancy – responds.

#NewportNancy can be heard on the phone, speaking loudly so that the woman can hear her.

‘Yes, ma’am there’s um, there’s a resident here who claims she lives here that’s smoking in the parking garage by the stairwell,’ she says on the phone, describing the woman.

According to Etheridge and her caption, the police did report to the scene but determined that the woman had done nothing wrong by smoking in the garage.

There don’t appear to be any guidelines that prohibit smoking in parking lots of apartment complexes. Information pertaining to smoking in Georgia can be found in the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005.

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Source: Daily Mail