WATCH: This Old-fashioned Mother is Not Playing: Walks In On Daughters Twerking On Camera

This is the hilarious moment a furious mother smacked her girls after walking in on the pair as they were twerking on camera.

The two teenagers, believed to be Spanish, can be seen trying to perfect the provocative dance move in front of a webcam with music playing in the background.

But moments later their mother, carrying a washing basket, storms into the room – and decides to teach them a lesson.

The irate mum quickly removes one of her slippers and uses it to smack the two girls across the back. She then uses her hip to shove over the girl closest to the camera.

They both scream out in shock as their dance routine is interrupted and one can be seen trying to evade a second smack as the clip comes to an end.

Somehow, the mum manages to keep hold of her washing basket while dishing out the punishment.

It is not clear where exactly the footage was taken but Spanish music can be heard playing in the background.

The footage has been widely shared online with many appearing to side with the angry mum.

One social media praised the woman’s ‘multi-tasking’ while another said: ‘I love that she didn’t even put down the laundry’.