Andy Stanley, You Really Like to Play Around the Edges Don’t You? Why He Quit Saying ‘The Bible Says’ While Still Loving the Bible

North Point Community Church Senior Pastor Andy Stanley recently explained to popular radio host and Messianic Jewish author Michael Brown why he’s quit using the term “the Bible says.”

In an episode of Brown’s podcast “Line of Fire” that aired Monday afternoon, Stanley explained why, although he considers the Good Book inerrant, the term “the Bible says” doesn’t work with those he’s trying to evangelize.

“Once upon a time that was very effective in our country. Those days are long gone. But unfortunately, church leaders still want to leverage ‘the Bible says,’ which is great for people who take the Bible seriously,” said Stanley.

“It’s not my audience. … I’m trying to recapture the imagination of people, adults and students who’ve left because of what else is in the Bible or because everyone is one click away from information or misinformation about the Bible.”

Stanley described Christianity as “an event-based faith,” telling Brown that he believes if people come to accept Jesus’ Resurrection, “their confidence in the Old Testament and their interest, most importantly, in the Old Testament flourishes.”

“And this is exactly what happened historically,” Stanley continued. “When did Gentiles suddenly get excited about the Old Testament? After they fell in love with a Jew.”

Stanley requested the interview with Brown to respond to concerns about a sermon he preached earlier this year in which he said that Christians should “unhitch” themselves from the Old Testament.

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Source: Christian Post