WATCH: Graphic Video Reportedly Shows Christians Being Burned Alive in Nigeria

A video posted on Facebook purports to show Christians being set on fire by a mob in northern Nigeria.

BCNN1 was alerted to the video by Belinda W., “a concerned African Christian” who felt the video needed to be seen by a wider audience.

The video shows at least four people being beaten with tree branches and viciously kicked before having branches piled on them in a pit and being set on fire. An elderly women tries to crawl out of the pit, but is kicked back in. A crowd of people stands by and some of them engage in the violence.

The video is difficult to watch. It is available here.

Muslims attacking Christians in Nigeria is nothing new. Over the past few weeks hundreds have been killed in clashes between Fulani herdsmen and Christian farmers in the country’s Middle Belt. Over 120, and possibly 200, Christians were killed while leaving the funeral of a pastor’s father last week.

Nigerian church leaders have warned that there could be no Christians left in the country by 2043 if these massacres continue.

–Joshua James