Identity Thieves Empty Bank Account of Oldest Living American Veteran

Someone has stolen the identity of the oldest living veteran in America and emptied his bank account.

The family of 112-year-old Richard Overton said they don’t know how a thief got Overton’s social security and personal checking account numbers.

They discovered the issue on Thursday when one of the World War II veteran’s cousins made a deposit into his account.

“I looked at it — what the hell are these debits?” Overton’s cousin Volma Overton Jr. told CNN affiliate KXAN.

Several purchases of saving bonds with Treasury Direct were made in recent months and by Thursday there was nothing left in the account.

“It’s a shock, it hurts, it hurts tremendously,” Overton Jr. said.

While the family doesn’t know who may have stolen Overton’s money, his cousin said “it’d be terrible to know somebody who’s been that close to him has used him like that.”

His family would not discuss the amount of money that was taken but said it was a “considerable amount.”

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SOURCE: CNN, Nicole Chavez