Here We Go: 79-Y-O Anglican Priest Defends His Homosexual Marriage to 25-Y-O Male Model

A 79-year-old Anglican priest in the U.K. has defended his marriage to a 25-year-old male model from Romania, insisting that he’s not being taken advantage of despite buying the latter a house and letting him see other men.

The Rev. Philip Clements, a retired rector and boarding school chaplain, appeared on “The Jeremy Kyle Show” in the U.K. with his husband, Florin Marin, to try and explain their relationship, which has been the subject of much media scrutiny.

Kyle, the host, asked Clements whether he feels he’s being made a fool of, given that he sold his house to buy Marin one of his own in Romania, and given that they are not living together five months after their marriage.

“Being made a fool of can be very nice, especially if it’s a very young man making a fool of you,” the priest argued.

Still, he said that the couple’s relationship “has been tested when I haven’t had money,” noting that they first met when he only had his pension.

He revealed that he and his much younger husband have had “moments of physical relationship,” but admitted that due to his age, he is restricted in that regard. With that, he told the host that he and Marin “have an arrangement.”

“I’ve said to Florin that if he has any relationships [with others] he should tell me, but I’m not going to be angry about it.”

Marin himself later joined in the interview, saying, “I love this man,” and denied that he’s a gold digger only looking to use the priest for money.

“They don’t know me, they don’t know us,” he added of critics.

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Source: Christian Post