Gretchen Rodriguez on Using Pain as a Launching Pad

We’ve all seen them—people who look like they’ve had a hard life. Pain and disappointment weigh so heavily upon them that they’ve become hated friends that never leave. Weary ones dragging their feet; their rough edges cutting through the atmosphere, announcing to the world that life has dealt them a bad hand.

Then there are the others. The ones who have also felt the pain and disappointment that tried to shackle their souls, but instead they embraced grace. Though they may walk with a limp, they seem taller than others. As if their scars have made them beautiful. As if they’ve discovered a secret they proudly dug through the dung for. And they’re willing to share. Humbly aware of the great strength alive within them. This is the power God has given each of us to use the ashes of defeat as rich, fertile soil for our souls.

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Source: Christian Post