WATCH: There’s a Devil Loose – South Carolina Woman Arrested for Shooting and Killing Her Ex-Husband While He Mowed the Lawn

A Reeseville woman is behind bars Wednesday after being accused of murdering her ex-husband.

Dorchester County deputies said Ella Harrison-Elmore, 29, shot and kill her ex-husband Tuesday night.

Deputies report finding the 42-year-old’s body in the backyard of the couple’s shared home.

Neighbors said from the outside looking in, they were what seemed like a perfectly happy family.

Julie Adams, the couple’s landlord, knows them like family. She said she lost both a son and a daughter Tuesday night.

Adams, who was present at the crime scene, told us Darren Elmore was shot while mowing the lawn.

“He was cutting the grass and then whatever happened, he was found right here. And the lawnmower, he was right beside the lawnmower,” she said. In the backyard, a single patch of uncut grass remains.

9-1-1 dispatchers received three calls about the incident—two of which were from Elmore herself. Police report Elmore waited at the neighbor’s house until they arrived at the scene.

Between the two of them, the couple have nine children. Adams believes at least two of the children were in the house at the time of the shooting. She said the kids, all between the ages of 2 and 12, are currently living with Elmore’s sister.

Dorchester county has not released any information about what the argument was about that led to the alleged shooting.

Elmore was denied bond and remains at Dorchester County Jail.

SOURCE: ABC4 News | WCIV – Megan Rivers