Heat Wave to Hit U.S. Over Fourth of July Weekend

A dangerous heat wave will have more than half of the country sweltering over the Fourth of July holiday. Temperatures near — and above — 100 degrees Fahrenheit are combining with thick humidity to present serious health hazards.

The National Weather Service posted a reminder Friday that heat kills more people each year than tornadoes, lightning and floods.

In Chicago, the great outdoors is not so great — heat so oppressive officials are warning the public to beware.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so we remind everyone to stay hydrated and check on our neighbors and family,” said Rich Guidice of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

The thermometer readings are in the 90s across the Midwest, but as any dog knows, when you add in the humidity it actually feels like 105 or even 110 degrees. Overnight, lows in the 80s won’t cool down anything.

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SOURCE: CBS News, Dean Reynolds