WATCH: Philadelphia Theater Manager Calls Police On Black Couple and Seven Children; Nearly 10 Cops Show Up for a Crime NOT Taking Place

An African-American family that hoped to enjoy a movie at a West Philadelphia cinema on Friday left early feeling like the most recent example of Black people having the police called on them for no apparent reason.

Ashley Jimenez captured the unfolding incident on video, which has had more than 52,000 views. It showed her husband, Ismael, a member of Black Lives Matter Philadelphia, surrounded by police who were called after the couple asked for a refund because technical problems prevented them and the seven children under their charge from hearing the movie.

The Cinemark 6 at 40th and Walnut streets did refund their money a little more than one hour into the 7:45 p.m. showing of “Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom” after they reported to management that a constant “loud beeping noise” had made it impossible to hear the film’s audio. The couple was told that they had to leave the precise immediately and could not go back into the theater to retrieve their children.

However, after Ashley Jimenez went to retrieve the children, the manager called the police.

“When we said this is not an option and we were going to get our children, they called the police on us,” Ashley Jimenez wrote on a Facebook post.

During the 5-minute video, Ismael Jimenez can be seen speaking with an officer and a man that his wife identifies as the theater’s manager. She occasionally pans left to the seven children – four of them theirs.

As Ismael Jimenez continued to talk with the manager, more police officers and security personnel arrived, bringing the number of officers to about six or seven. At one point a bystander can be heard asking aloud: “Does this really call for more than six f—-ng officers?”

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SOURCE: John N. Mitchell
Tribune Staff