Christian Convert Describes Abusive Interrogation by Authorities in Iran

A 19-year-old Christian convert in Iran has described the abusive way in which she was treated by authorities as she was interrogated, with the questioning intently focused on trying to make her admit to “illicit” sexual relations with men.

Fatemeh Mohammadi, who served six months in the notorious Evin Prison for her faith, described how she was treated in a letter on Monday to the Human Rights Activists News Agency.

Mohammadi, who was sentenced by the Revolutionary Court in Tehran earlier this year on charges of “membership in evangelical groups,” “engaging in Christian activities,” and “acting against national security through propagating against the regime,” says that she was repeatedly asked about sexual relations by officials.

She replied to them, “I have never been involved in any relationship; you are slandering me. What you are doing is not right or moral.”

The young woman says that officials insisted they have evidence to prove their charges of sexual relations, but did not present any.

“No matter how much I insisted that I have never had a sexual relationship, they would not accept it,” she said.

She was moved in and out of solitary confinement while multiple interrogators mocked her and continued questioning her about perceived immorality.

“I was feeling very sick during that session, and felt an excruciating pain in my chest; I could barely breathe and started to cough incessantly,” Mohammadi shared.

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Source: Christian Post