Rev. Anthony Evans Endorses Anita Bonds for the District of Columbia City Council

The Right Most Rev. Anthony Evans, a community activist for over 25 years in the District of Columbia, is calling on the residents of the District of Columbia to help send Anita Bonds back to the City Council. She loves the District and has devoted her life to serving the District.  She has worked on behalf of the District and its residents for the past 50 years.

Rev. Evans, says, “The Black Church is so very proud of Anita Bonds. She is the right and only person to defend all of us from the issues and problems facing the District. I beg the residents of the District in Christ Jesus to send her back to the City Council.”

This is why we are urging all residents of DC to vote for Anita Bonds.  She deserves to be reelected to the City Council.   By voting for Anita Bonds, she can continue the great job that she has been doing for the District during this momentous transition in the city.  She is the best solution for the District future.

About Rev. Evans

Rev. Anthony Evans is a community activist and has been active in the District of Columbia over the past 25 years. He is currently heading a National Faith-based group consisting of 34,000 churches. Many members live in the District. This is a personal endorsement of Anita Bonds, not an organizational one.

Source: National Black Church Initiative