Here We Go: CEO of a Sex Toy Company Gives $2 Million to Transgender Clinic at Ohio Children’s Hospital

Editor’s note: Warning: This article contains graphic details that might offend some readers. 

The CEO of a sex toy company is making $2 million donation to a gender clinic at an Ohio children’s hospital, a move some say highlights the “dark underbelly” of transgender activism.

The donors, Chris and Jessica Cichinelli, have signed a multiyear gift agreement with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital “to ensure a better transgender health clinic,” NBC‘s Cincinnati affiliate reported Thursday.

The Cichinellis have a daughter who identifies as transgender and run a transgender advocacy foundation called Living With Change. Chris is also the president of Pure Romance, a multimillion dollar company that sells sexual lubricants and sex toys, among other things.

Some believe the large monetary gift to this cause reveals a disturbing connection.

“I’ve been participating in real-life activism against the transgender trend for over two years because I saw what was happening to the children caught up in its lies: permanent physical harm to their young bodies,” said Emily Zinos, project coordinator for Ask Me First MN, in an email to The Christian Post Friday.

“Unbelievably, I’ve been called a bigot for drawing attention to the fact that teenagers are routinely sterilized by transgender medical treatments and for connecting the dots between well-funded intrusions into public schools by radical transgender activists and an increase in young kids identifying as trans,” Zinos added.

Yet she doesn’t think her opposition will remain the minority view for much longer. According to Zinos, despite the noble-sounding talk of caring for gender-confused children, transgender activism is showing its hand.

“Sex toy company CEO Chris Cichinelli’s recent huge donation to promote transgender ideology in kids’ lives through a new foundation in Cincinnati is a case in point,” Zinos said, as it’s “the sort of move that lays bare the anti-child underbelly of transgender activism, which has zero respect for the body and routinely makes use of outdated sex stereotypes.”

In 2005, the Cincinnati Children’s transgender clinic began with only 100 patients. Thus far, they have served over 1,000 ranging in age from 4 to 24, according to NBC. They now see approximately 50 patients per week.

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Source: Christian Post