Brian Houston Calls Hillsong a ‘Contemporary Church,’ Not ‘Classic Pentecostal’

Hillsong Church Senior Pastor Brian Houston said while his influential church, which has locations around the world, has been described as “Pentecostal,” he would prefer to be considered a “contemporary church.”

“To be honest, we are not classic Pentecostal. Charismatic, yes. We believe in the gifts of the spirit, we believe in the freedom of the spirit, absolutely,” Houston said in an interview with Christian Cultural Center Pastor A.R. Bernard on TBN earlier this month.

The church’s website describes the ministry as a “contemporary Pentecostal church,” but Houston said he likes to label his church a bit differently now.

“I would describe myself, if I could, [as a] contemporary church,” he said.

“I say ‘if I could’ because every time we put that in Wikipedia, that we’re a contemporary church, somebody changes it back again that we’re a Pentecostal church,” he laughingly explained.

The church’s Wikipedia reads: “Hillsong Church is a global Pentecostal megachurch.”

Houston said he grew up in a Pentecostal home and his father was “a full-on Pentecostal preacher.”

“He was more Pentecostal than Acts Chapter 2 I think,” he continued. “That’s my background.”

But he noted that “today, especially here in the U.S., Pentecostal — a lot of people see that as being a particular type of denomination, as more of a denominationalism.”

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Source: Christian Post