Texas Governor Promises Teen With Cancer He’ll Fight to Ban All Abortions

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has promised 16-year-old Jeremiah Thomas, who has bone cancer, that he will fight to ban all abortions in the state.

Abbott is heard making the promise over the phone in a video showing Thomas, the son of Operation Save America National Director Rusty Thomas, in a hospital bed.

Thomas shared the Facebook video of his son on the phone with the governor. The teen is heard saying:

“Before I was diagnosed and got sick, I used to go out and minister at my local abortion clinic. I used to go with my siblings and my mom. My mom used to video us, and I would preach and my sister would worship,” he explained, adding that “my other sister would talk to the women going into the abortion clinic and give them counsel.”

The teen explained that his whole family would get involved in the protests, holding signs and speaking to women, urging them not to choose abortion.

He revealed that he told Make-A-Wish, the foundation that grants seriously ill children unique wishes, that he wanted a legacy wish, namely to speak to a political figure about a cause he is passionate about.

“For my wish, I wanted to talk to you and discuss a bill of abolition (of abortion). A recent poll showed that 60 percent of Texans want abortion abolished. You would be representing the demand of Texans if you pass the bill. In conclusion, we want you to treat abortion as an act of murder and have it punished by law,” the young Thomas requested.

He said seeing abortion end in Texas would “make my wish complete before I pass.”

Abbott responds on the phone, saying that the wish “is on the Republican Party platform positions” and that a bill to “outlaw abortions altogether” is indeed being pursued.

“So your wish is granted,” the governor said.

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Source: Christian Post