Kentucky Gov. Says Adopted Children Do Best in Families of Faith With Mother and Father

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has stressed the importance of adopted children being raised in faith-based, mother-father homes, as the country debates whether religious adoption agencies that work with the government can be allowed to not refer children to same-sex couples.

At a Wednesday event hosted by the Heritage Foundation, Governor Bevin talked about why he believed it was wrong for governments to compel faith-based adoptions to go against their religious objections to homosexuality.

During his remarks, Bevin spoke about how “every kid wants a father and a mother” and that the “best chance” for a child to succeed is “to be raised in a home with a mother and father who are together the entire time of that child’s upbringing.”

“Every statistic that has ever been done, every study, every analysis that has ever been done, affirms that same thinking. Every one of them. Not one has ever shown the opposite,” said Bevin.

“Statistically a child who grows up in that environment has a much better likelihood of turning out as we in society would want them to turn out.”

Bevin labeled the idea of government programs that work with faith-based adoption agencies centered on sending children to mother-father homes “absurd” and rejected the idea that agencies exclusively wanting to send kids to a traditional home was somehow “detrimental.”

Bevin also noted the importance of a faith-based upbringing, calling it a “part of a constructive upbringing.” During the Q&A session at the event, Bevin discussed the three-legged stool model of needs for a person. The three legs being first, the physical needs, second, the intellectual needs, and third, the spiritual needs.

“It’s easy to forget the third. In a society where we are so blessed, we can afford to balance on a two-legged stool,” explained Bevin.

“But ultimately when stuff happens in life … you fall hard over on a leg that may or may not be there. Because the physical and the intellectual don’t provide any comfort, they don’t provide any answers. And that’s when you realize that indeed that third leg matters.”

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Source: Christian Post