New SBC President JD Greear Urges Christian Men to Apologize to Women Hurt by ‘Toxic Church Culture’

Newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President J. D. Greear has urged evangelicals to humble themselves and apologize to women who have been hurt by sexual abuse and other injustices.

“We are sorry and we should have heard you before now. We know our deafness has added to your suffering. For many that suffering was direct, as it put you in unsafe or abusive contexts,” Greear, pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, offered on behalf of himself and others on his website on Thursday.

“For others, that suffering was indirect, as we allowed a toxic culture to grow up in our churches, one in which you were not as safe and valued as your should have been. You deserved better.”

The megachurch leader admitted that the apology is late, but said it is better late than never.

Greear said that in recent weeks, Christian men have been speaking out against the various types of abuse women have been subjected to in the church environment, but revealed that he is hearing “more and more from many of my sisters in Christ (and some brothers) who have been championing this cause for much longer than a few weeks.”

“Hearing their stories and sensing their passion, I am realizing that we need to be more humble and sober than this. Our awakening to the issue of abuse, even if just to new nuances of the issue, means that we were previously asleep,” he wrote.

“And as we struggled to learn how to care for the vulnerable well, people were suffering. The church’s clumsiness has often meant that the suffering of others was longer in duration and deeper in impact than it should have been.”

Greear explained that the apology is directed at women who have found themselves in a number of different troubling scenarios, particularly when church leaders have advised them against seeking justice for the abuse they have suffered.

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Source: Christian Post