WATCH: President Trump and First Lady Met by Cheering Crowds at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were clapped and cheered into the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Saturday night.

Trump and the First Lady were seen walking up the stairs to a crowd of excited fans and staff, who are seen holding out their phones and reaching out to shake his hand.

‘No more missiles,’ he tells the crowd repeatedly, as one overjoyed woman screams out: ‘Nobel Peace Prize’.

Staff members were seen standing at the top of the stairs in a line, and Trump went to shake one man’s hand before the video cut out.

Trump was at his own hotel for dinner with his wife, who appeared slightly taken aback by the extremely warm welcome.

When the couple reached the top of the stairs, Trump began to greet his supporters and shake hands, while Melania moved off to the side – but many in the crowd were calling for the First Lady.

In one video, she waved demurely, but did not appear to get too close to the screaming supporters.

The couple are believed to have sat above other diners on a balcony area, though other people are seen sitting nearby them. It is not known if they were civilians or staff.

The dinner comes off the back of a big week for the US President, after meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday to discuss disarming the nation of its nuclear weapons.

Many of his supporters have suggested Trump should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize should his summit have any effect.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail