Nigeria’s 200 Million People Plunged Into Darkness as Complete Meltdown Hits Nation’s Power Grid

A total blackout has hit Nigeria as the power grid recorded a complete collapse on Saturday morning.

The system collapse led to the shutdown of all the nation’s power plants, plunging almost the entire nation into darkness.

A source in the power sector, in a chat with Punch weekend said the national grid first collapsed on Friday, leading to a shut-down of all the power plants Saturday morning.

When contacted to find out the cause of the outage in parts of Lagos, he said, “It’s a general thing; it is a system collapse. It happened yesterday and this morning. All the power plants were shut down.”

It’s the second shut-down of the country’s power grid since February, and the seventh this year as seasonality continues to affect the power sector.

It remains unclear what efforts are being effected to tackle the shut-down as Nigerians remain in darkness for most of the Sallah holiday.

SOURCE: Information Nigeria