Max Tegmark, Physicist and Cosmologist, Says AI Robots Can Make Humans Slaves

Max Tegmark
Max Tegmark

There is currently a worrying disagreement over what artificial intelligence scientists are working towards, according to Max Tegmark.

The world-leading professor believes this could lead to grave consequences, having noted research into robots that are capable of enslaving humans.

And, speaking at a technology conference for TedTalks, Max revealed there is currently conflict in the industry, as concerns rise that humans will not be able to keep up with the machines they create.

“One option my colleagues would like to do is build super intelligence, and keep it under human control like an enslaved dog,” he said.

“But you might worry that maybe we humans just aren’t smart enough to handle that much power.

“Also aside from any moral qualms you might have about enslaving superior minds, you should be more worried that maybe the superintelligence could outsmart us.

“They could break-out and take over.”

But even more shocking still, Max revealed many researchers would welcome this possibility, as long as they have been a part of it.

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SOURCE: Callum Hoare 
The Daily Star