Rudy Giuliani’s Son Loses High-Level White House Clearance

Pictured: (Left) Andrew Giuliani; (Right) John Kelly; (Center) Rudy Giuliani

Months after President Donald Trump advocated for Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew, to be promoted, John Kelly stripped the younger Guiliani of his high-level West Wing clearance, reports Axios. After meeting with Rudy and Andrew Giuliani for dinner at Mar-A-Lago several months ago, Axios reports, the president instructed body man Jordan Karem “to ensure Kelly promoted Andrew to special assistant to the president.” Two unidentified White House sources cited by Axios, however, claim that Kelly won’t promote Andrew because they believe he “subverts the chain of command.” Another source claimed that Kelly revoked Andrew’s blue pass a few weeks ago and left him only with a green pass, meaning he cannot visit the West Wing without an escort.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast