On Becoming a Teen, by Meriqua Whyte

The teenage years have been described as a confusing, out-of-whack time in a teenager’s life. Some have likened it to the experience of riding on a roller-coaster: ups and downs, round and round, twists and turns, all in rapid succession. Someone once said that a teenager is a “pre-person.”

I admit, it can be a confusing time because you want to make your own decisions and do things your own way. Even though you may desire that feeling of independence, deep down you still desire the leadership and guidance of your parents or of someone in authority. You often wish your younger siblings would give you time to yourself, but deep down you enjoy being around them because they remind you of the care-free life of a child. You have one foot over the fence in the adult world, but you still have your other foot firmly planted on the other side.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ at sixteen years of age and made the decision to obey Him during those seemingly confusing years. I have not regretted that decision. He has guided me every step of the way, and after over twenty years of serving Him, I have no desire to let go and live life any other way.

Have I made some mistakes along the way? Sure. I will admit that I have not been perfect. I have failed Jesus and have been a disappointment to some along the way because of stubbornness and foolish pride on my part. Have things always gone smoothly? No. But in spite of my failures, the Lord has always been there, like the loving Father that He is, waiting with open arms to receive me back. And I promise you He will be there for you also.

Meriqua Whyte is the wife of national bestselling author, Daniel Whyte III. They have been married for nearly 20 years and have seven children. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education from Bethany Divinity College in Dothan, Alabama.