Anthony Bourdain Revealed He Was ‘Regularly Suicidal’ After His First Marriage Ended 13 Years Ago: Some Are Wondering if After Seeing His Present Girlfriend Hugging and Kissing Another Man, if That Was Too Much for Him to Take

Anthony Bourdain had revealed in the past that he was ‘regularly suicidal’ after his separated from his first wife.

The celebrity chef opened up about his history of destructive behavior in his book Medium Raw, which was published back in 2011.

After his first marriage to wife Nancy Putkoski ended in 2005, Bourdain recalled that he was ‘aimless and regularly suicidal’.

During a particular stint in the Caribbean, he wrote of getting ‘the kind of drunk where you’ve got to put a hand over one eye to see straight’ and would ‘peel out’ in his 4×4 for nightly trips to the brothels.

Bourdain said his state of mind improved when he met a woman in London soon after.

He said that’s when his ‘nightly attempts at suicide ended’.

Bourdain had also previously been open about his past struggles with drugs and spoke of being a recovering heroin addict.

The chef married his second wife, MMA fighter Ottavia Busia – the mother of his only child – in 2007 but they split in 2016.

He met his actress girlfriend Asia Argento when they shot an episode of his show Parts Unknown shortly after breaking things off with his wife Busia.

Argento and Bourdain were seen together apparently happy as recently as two weeks ago prior to his shock suicide.

Bourdain was found dead on Friday in his hotel room in Kaysersberg, France after hanging himself.

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Source: Daily Mail