WATCH: Pastor Gino Jennings Throws Out Ex-Dancehall Artist Mr. Vegas as he Tries to Debate him On How Women Dress in the Church

Gino Jennings / Mr. Vegas
Gino Jennings / Mr. Vegas

Former Jamaican dancehall artist Mr. Vegas, who according to some has recently become a Christian, was thrown out of First Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. in St. Andrews, Jamaica, as he tried to debate Pastor Gino Jennings over how women dress in the church.

Back in February, Jennings made remarks critical of churches that allow women to wear ankle bracelets, lipstick, and fake hair. Apparently, Mr. Vegas took umbrage with this and was allowed up on stage during a church service to air his disagreement.

According to attendees, Vegas had someone in the crowd who was supposed to play Pastor Jennings’ original remarks. Jennings can be heard pointing at someone and saying repeatedly, “Play the tape, play the tape.”

Apparently there is some difficulty with playing the tape, and Pastor Jennings says, “Sit him down.”

“I’m already here,” Vegas responds. “If you’ve got to move me, call the police.”

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come to hear Bible,” Jennings says. “I don’t want your mouth. I want Bible.”

When Mr. Vegas doesn’t leave, Jennings tell security repeatedly, “Usher him out. Take his microphone and usher him out.”

After a some argument between Vegas and about five or six other men in the church, Mr. Vegas is duly ushered out.

“Can’t nobody come in First Church and think you’re going to take over First Church,” Pastor Jennings says.

Watch below.

Jennings was reportedly asked to go to the police station after the incident. He spoke at length about it in last week’s church service.

–Joshua James