WATCH: Billy Graham Was America’s Prophet and Evangelist; Charles Stanley is America’s Pastor and Teacher; It’s Time to Start Saying Farewell to this Man of God

The hosts of TBN‘s Praise program, Matt & Laurie Crouch, interviewed Dr. Charles Stanley — pastor of Atlanta’s First Baptist Church, radio host, and bestselling author — on a recent episode.

The 85-year-old preacher broke up in tears when asked how he would like to be remembered. He said the principle he lives by is: obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. He hopes that people would remember him as someone who did just that.

Many pastors today are trying to do what Charles Stanley has done quietly in Atlanta where he has pastored for 47 years. His church is a model for races getting along together in the heart of the South. And he did it by loving God, obeying God, preaching the Gospel, and welcoming every body into the house of God.

A little known fact about Pastor Stanley is that he is also an avid photographer. His photography is featured in his ministry’s In Touch magazine as well as in wall and desk calendars. Stanley told Matt & Laurie Crouch that when he dies, he’d like to have a Bible in one hand and a camera in the other.

Click here to watch the interview.

–Joshua James