Secret Genocide of Christians Reported in Myanmar: Thousands Killed, Women Raped

An investigative report has revealed that in isolated regions of Myanmar, which has been accused of carrying out a genocide against Rohingya Muslims, the Burmese military has also been ethnically cleansing the minority Christian Kachin people.

Sky News‘ investigative team managed to travel and document the situation in the remote Kachin state, where locals say that a “second genocidal campaign” is underway.

The area is hidden from much of the world, as the Buddhist-majority Myanmar has denied journalists and aid agencies access to the region.

The Kachin people, who have been fighting for self-determination for decades and have formed their own armies, such as the Kachin Independent Army, are said to have died by the thousands in attacks carried out by the Myanmar military.

The locals say that the central government’s attacks have increased significantly since January. The mass persecution of Rohingya refugees is also suspected to have begun around last August and close to 700,000 have been forced to flee to Bangladesh.

Sky News reported that thousands of Kachin civilians, who are predominantly Christians, have been stranded in thick jungles, having to flee the heavy artillery bombing from the central army.

“I am convinced the Burmese government is trying to ethnically cleanse the Kachin people,” said a mother of four by the name of Lashi Ókawn Ja.

“Whenever they see Kachin people they try to kill us and they rape the women, even the women who are pregnant.”

General Sumlut Gunmaw, vice president of the Kachin Independence Council, also argued that Myanmar is subjecting the people to major persecution.

“Maybe their actions against us are not so sudden as their violence against the Rohingya, but their intentions are just the same. They want to eliminate us,” he said.

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Source: Christian Post