Jews for Jesus Reaches 200,000 Israelis Online, Sees 58 Embrace Jesus in Evangelism Campaign

Jews for Jesus, a leading Messianic group based in the U.S., has said that its recent evangelistic campaign reached over 200,000 Israelis on social media with a message to trust Jesus.

As the organization explained in a press release on Monday, the “Behold Your God” campaign has been active for 18 years in cities worldwide that have large Jewish populations.

During May, the group said it had 200 staff and volunteers engaging in over 5,000 conversations with Israelis about Jesus in Jerusalem, with over 200,000 citizens checking out Jews for Jesus’ social media posts.

What is more, 58 Israelis said during the four-week outreach that they want to embrace Christ as their personal Messiah, while 1,747 Israelis indicated they would like to know more about Jesus.

“This is just the beginning of a new era of outreach for our 45-year-old organization. We are reaching out to all kinds of people in the city: university and yeshiva students, artists, millennials, boomers, sports enthusiasts, Russian speakers, those trapped in addiction, the poor and the Haredim (Orthodox Jews). We have experienced relatively little opposition and lots of enthusiastic engagement,” said Jews for Jesus Executive Director David Brickner.

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Source: Christian Post