WATCH: Angry Black Woman Goes On Tirade Against Asian Woman On NYC Subway: ‘This Ain’t Your Country, Welcome to America’

An angry mother launched a racist tirade against an Asian woman on the New York subway after she asked her young daughter to give up a seat.

The video, recorded by a bystander and uploaded Wednesday, shows the moment the mother explodes upon a middle-aged Asian passenger who scooted her daughter out of her seat.

The little girl gave up her seat and squeezed into the adjacent one where another young child was already sitting, causing the two to share the single seat and inciting the mother’s temper.

‘He didn’t get up for me to sit because my daughter’s black. He didn’t get up for me,’ the mother says at the beginning of the clip that has already racked up 84,000 views.

The Asian woman tells her to be calm.

‘What’s calm? You play with my kid and I’m supposed to be okay with it? So f*** you.’

She begins to turn away until the Asian woman tells her to ‘mind your language’, inciting the mother to turn around and say ‘Mind your a** and move it. Before I kick you. B**** I will you move you off that seat, try me.’

Then the mother orders her daughter: ‘Push her. Push her’ and the child obeys, pushing the Asian woman out of her seat.

The mother taunts the woman saying: ‘Yeah, push my daughter back’.

She then angrily gets up and says ‘Go ahead b**** move. Don’t play with my daughter b****’ as she aggressively pushes the woman off the seat to stand in the middle of the train car.

The Asian woman then dramatically falls to the ground and several passengers in the car yell at the mother in shock and help pick the woman off the floor.

When the woman leans back against the disputed seat to regain her balance the mother stands right behind her and yells in her ear, warning for her to stay away.

‘Don’t play with my daughter. That’s my child,’ she says.

The woman simply responds: ‘Mind your language’ to which the mother replies ‘F*** your language’.

When she threatens to call police the mother says ‘F*** police b****’.

‘This ain’t your country. Welcome to America. Welcome to Brooklyn b****,’ she adds.

‘F*** outta here you’re gonna push my daughter out of her seat because she’s Spanish and you’re Chinese,’ the mother rants to the silent train car.

At one point the mother makes a loud spitting noise and as gets up towards the Asian woman, as if threatening to spit on her.

When the argument seems to subside the Asian woman says: ‘Be calm.’

‘I’m calm until you play with my kids. I’m a mother. F*** your calm,’ she responds before the clip ends.

SOURCE: Daily Mail