Comedian Michael Jr. on How Work-From-Home Dads Can Make Schools Safer

Popular Christian comedian Michael Jr. is best known for bringing the funny in his comedy shows and video posts, but following the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, last month, he took to his Facebook page to offer a suggestion on how fathers could help to make schools safer.

“Some of you may recognize me as a comedian and some may not, but this video you’re watching right now is not going to be funny at all,” Michael Jr. said.

“I do comedy, but more important [than] that I’ve got five kids. I’m a dad and I love being a dad. And a dad’s No. 1 responsibility is to protect his family. That’s No. 1,” he added.

The teenager charged with shooting 10 people to death at a high school in Santa Fe on May 18 was 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, whom his father described as a “good boy” who was bullied.

Dimitrios opened fire at the Santa Fe High School, killing 10 people and wounding 10 others. He surrendered after the shooting although he had planned to shoot himself.

“So I’m going to throw this idea out there,” Michael Jr. said. “I don’t know how this would work or the details, but this could be a move in the right direction. If you’re a dad out there and you can work from home or have some flexibility with your company, instead of working at Starbucks or at your home office, I think that dads should work from school.”

“Imagine what it would mean emotionally if they had 12 to 15 men in the school, simply providing for their families, but at the same time to protect if needed. Some of you all would ask, ‘Do these dads have guns?’ Well, maybe they do and maybe they don’t. That’s not what this conversation is about,” he said.

Michael Jr. was adamant that these work-from-school fathers must pass background checks to be on campus.

“There also need to be some stipulations in place. No. 1, the dads need a background check. You can’t just show up in our schools. You have to get a background check,” Michael Jr. continued.

“No. 2, the dad has to have a child that attends that school. This creates a greater sense of accountability as well as trust.”

“No. 3, the dads need to be trained by someone in the community or maybe the police on what to do if there’s an emergency situation. Like maybe there’s a fire or tornado or maybe there’s a gunman. I don’t know a dad who wouldn’t want to be there if any of those things took place so he could protect his kids. I don’t know a real dad who wouldn’t want to be there to protect somebody else’s kids.”

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Source: Christian Post