Mission:Dignity Searches for Retired Southern Baptist Ministers, Workers & Widows Who Need Financial Assistance

Be intentional. That’s the message John Ambra, director of development for Mission:Dignity, wants Southern Baptists to hear.

The ministry is searching for retired Southern Baptist ministers, workers and their widows who need financial assistance — people who may find it hard to ask for help or may not know it’s there.
Kenneth and Marilene Moon, who were featured in a Mission:Dignity promotional video in 2016, were in a similar situation when they applied for help in 2008 to the ministry of GuideStone Financial Resources.

Having retired due to health issues more than a decade earlier, the Moons used credit cards to pay for food, medicine and many other day-to-day needs. Even with cutting back on basic necessities, their expenses were more than their income.

When they applied, they wrote, “This is the most difficult thing we have ever had to do — asking for help.”

“This is a generation that was taught to pay their own way and keep financial information private,” Ambra said. “They struggle with necessities, and no one, sometimes not even their own children, know how difficult their situation has become. Often that can mean they make difficult choices about necessities like food.”

Pastors, directors of missions and others who may know a retired Southern Baptist pastor, worker or his widow can refer them to Mission:Dignity for consideration by visiting MissionDignity.org.

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Source: Baptist Press