Denmark Bans Wearing of Full-Face Veils in Public

Denmark’s parliament on Thursday approved a law forbidding the wearing of garments covering the face in public, joining a number of European countries that have already introduced such bans.

The law is being seen by many as targeting the dress worn by some conservative Muslim women, such as the niqab or burqa, and is being introduced amid concerns about growing Islamophobia in Europe.

What does the new law entail?

The law, carried by a 75-30 vote, forbids the wearing of full-face veils such as the niqab, balaclavas, face-covering ski masks, face masks and fake beards.

It does not include protective masks, winter clothing such as scarves or costumes, motorcycle helmets and masks often worn during Carnival or at Halloween.

First-time offenses can incur a fine of $157 with repeat offenses carrying higher penalties up to 10,000 kroner or a jail sentence up to six months.

SOURCE: Deutsche Welle