Troubled Christian Man Slays Wife, In-Laws After Talking With Pastor on Memorial Day

A troubled Christian Tennessee father who was hospitalized after a suicide threat on Friday, fatally shot his wife, in-laws and then himself during a domestic dispute Monday shortly after he reached out to his pastor who was unable to have an extended talk with him about his troubles because he was on holiday with his family.

“I beat myself up pretty bad for a brief moment wondering if I could’ve stopped it,” said Pastor Corey Trimble, who leads the non-denominational The Experience Community church in Murfreesboro, where Sean Ganey, 29, and his wife, Cassidy, 25, attended church, according to WKRN News 2. “I had actually, the last thing I sent to Sean was I said, ‘Hey, you know it’s Memorial Day, I’m with my family.’ I said, ‘Why don’t we get together tomorrow or the next day and just talk?'”

At about 2 p.m., Trimble said he got two odd text messages from Sean apologizing.

“I found it odd that he sent me two texts out of the blue that just said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘Pastor, please forgive me,'” said Trimble. “That is odd. And, quite eerie looking back.”

The Christian Post reached out to Trimble’s church for further comment Wednesday but no one was immediately available.

At about 3:30 p.m., according to The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, the trigger for Sean’s apology to Trimble were made clear. Dispatchers received a call of shots fired at 1132 Rivercrest Drive where the couple lived with their 5-year-old daughter. When officers arrived on the scene and entered the home, they found Sean and his wife dead along with Cassidy’s father, Kenny Adair, 55, and her stepmother, Shelly Lorenz Adair, 48. They were all in a bedroom where a handgun was recovered.

Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said deputies had been called to the home on Friday after Sean Ganey threatened suicide. He was taken in for medical treatment and his firearms were removed from the home.

“He was transported to the hospital and … we’re trying to find out now what took place after that,” Fitzhugh told Daily News Journal.

He explained that unless doctors determined that Sean needed to be committed, the case would have been considered closed from the law enforcement end.

An unidentified friend who said he was the one who introduced Sean and Cassidy told Fox17 that he also spoke with Sean on Monday and he mentioned killing his wife but he didn’t take him seriously because he was known to exaggerate. Sean was also known for keeping guns hidden all over his house, including under his young daughter’s bed, the friend said.

“He had a problem admitting to his own faults,” the friend told Fox 17.

Cassidy also owned a gun. She publicly celebrated Sean’s gift of a SIG Sauer P238 pistol on Facebook last March, saying: “Sean sure knows how to surprise me. He’s kind of the best.”

Trimble, whose church the couple had been attending since 2015, said even though he tried counseling the couple through marital problems on Monday morning, he never thought it would have turned deadly.

He said he had spoken to the young husband and wife separately and suggested that they spend some time apart and encouraged Cassidy to seek safety with her 5-year-old daughter.

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Source: Christian Post