Christian College President Apologizes, Didn’t Intend to Equate Sexual Assault With Homosexuality

The president of a private evangelical Christian college in Iowa apologized Tuesday after he seemingly equated sexual assault to other sexual sins such as homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Northwestern College President Greg Christy, who has been president of the Orange City school since 2008, offered an apology after the school received backlash over words he wrote in a recent 10-year reflection piece that was shared with students and staff.

In the initial reflection piece, Christy argued that “pornography, premarital sex, adultery, sexual assault, the objectification of women, and same-sex activity all exemplify the brokenness of sexual desire and expression.”

“In no way was I intending whatsoever to equate that sexual assault was in any way, shape or form equal to or the same as any of the other items that were listed,” Christy told The Des Moines Register on Tuesday. “I was just (trying) to say that just like same-sex activity is inappropriate, so is premarital sex, according to scripture.”

Christy said that he’s “sorry and regretful that those words have caused hurt to people.”

“We accept students who identify themselves as gay or lesbian,” he said. “We do not discriminate against admitting them to the college. … We do our best to love, care for and nurture all of our students.”

The words “sexual assault” have been removed from Christy’s original reflection piece. Additionally, Christy told The Des Moines Register that he would issue a public statement to people who have contacted his office with concerns.

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Source: Christian Post