Boy Raises Nearly $6,000 Selling Lemonade to Pay for Sick Brother’s Hospital Bills

Team DYLAN/Facebook

Like many children around the country, Andrew Emery of Greenwood, South Carolina, decided to set up a lemonade stand over Memorial Day weekend.

But instead of pocketing his earnings — an impressive $5,860 in just two hours — Andrew had a different plan in mind, according to The Index-Journal.

The nine-year-old decided he was going to raise money to help his parents, Matt and Melissa Emery, pay the medical bills for his sick younger brother, Dylan, who is battling a rare disease, the Index-Journal reported.

Team DYLAN/Facebook

“I’m gonna spend it on doctor’s bills and stuff, and buy him a teddy bear too,” Andrew told the newspaper. “I just want to help Dylan. He’s my baby brother.”

Dylan — who was born earlier this year — has Krabbe disease, a severe neurological condition, according to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, and is currently being cared for at a Pittsburgh hospital.

While Melissa and Matt were in Pennsylvania, Andrew sold lemonade along a local highway with help from grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends, according to ABC News. In addition to the beverage, Andrew also sold custom t-shirts bearing Dylan’s name, the AP said.

Melissa has used a Facebook group called Team DYLAN to share updates about Dylan’s health, as well as the details of upcoming fundraisers — including a barbecue planned for June 2 — where they will continue to raise money.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Caitlin Keating