Woman Slips Note to Her Dog’s Vet to Escape Her Abusive Boyfriend

They came into the DeLand Animal Hospital together: Jeremy Floyd, his girlfriend and the dog.

The dog wasn’t acting right, the couple told the vet. Frankly, the woman looked in worse shape.

Floyd’s 28-year-old girlfriend had a swollen eye, cuts all over her fingers, bruises on her arms and legs. All this was later described in a report filed by police and sheriff’s deputies in DeLand, Fla. The report named the woman, too, though this newspaper will not — on account of the things she apparently went through.

The woman asked to use the vet’s bathroom and left Floyd waiting with the dog.

When she was out of his sight, police said, she slid a torn scrap of paper to a worker behind the counter.

In cramped, shaky handwriting, it read: “Call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don’t let him know.”

The worker did as the note asked. When DeLand police officers got to the animal hospital, they said, they found Floyd with a loaded 9mm in his waistband, his girlfriend in tears.

Floyd has an arrest record going back to at least 2003: drugs, grand theft auto and more drugs. Possession of a firearm by a felon was the least of the crimes he was charged with this weekend — but the gun was enough for police to immediately detain him and get him away from the woman.

At the hospital, police said — an actual hospital, not the vet — doctors discovered the woman had a possible concussion, along with her other wounds. Her head hurt, she told investigators, and the pain made it hard to remember.

But in time, police wrote, she told them about her injuries and the events of the previous two days. It was a story that only barely aligned with the version Floyd told from jail — and one that, in the end, police would believe.

The couple had a fight on Wednesday night, both of them agreed — what started as an argument at the single-story, tree-shrouded house they shared in DeLand.

They had been drinking, police said Floyd told them. And taking suboxone. And what he allegedly recalled as “unknown white pills.”

The woman didn’t mention any alcohol or drugs in her interview. She said Floyd became jealous that night and got it into his head she was flirting with other men.

Floyd somewhat confirmed this. “He was upset with [her] because he has a problem with n—–s,” the police report reads, “and felt that she was a n—– lover.”

He apparently told the woman to go into the bedroom and wait for various black men to arrive to have sex with.

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SOURCE: The Washington Post, Selk Avi