Here We Go: Maybelline’s First Homosexual Male Model Calls for More Visibility for Men in the Make-up Industry

A beauty guru and YouTube star who was Maybelline’s first-ever male spokesmodel has called for more representation for men in the beauty industry.

Manny Gutierrez, also known as Manny Mua online, spoke out about the topic in a new interview with Glamour, telling the magazine: ‘I’m a member of the LGBTQ community, and I feel like we need more representation.

‘In the make-up world, especially, it has always been really, really hard for men in beauty to kind of be seen in a way beyond being a “fad.”‘

The 27-year-old, who posed for Maybelline last year, will be launching his first eyeshadow palette, called Life’s a Drag, on June 2, in time for Pride Month.

In doing so, Manny said he wanted to bring more awareness not just to his brand, but to ‘the LGBTQ community as a whole’.

But even though he has a strong focus on shining a positive light on the LGBTQ community, Manny knows that today, people are much more accepting of those that don’t classify themselves as straight.

That’s reflected online, with commenters willing to call out trolls for bullying, and with men becoming more visible in the make-up industry.

‘I think that’s a big thing we’re headed toward now. [Men in make-up] is much more normalized now,’ he said. ‘The conversation is no longer, “OMG, that’s so f*****g weird.” Now it’s, “OMG, that’s really different and unique.”‘

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Source: Daily Mail